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July 22, 2004 

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Blogger has changed. I can do lots of things now... which I don't feel the need to at the moment, but maybe sometime in the future. It's nice for a semi-geek to be able to get by without having to learn more than 8 html tags I know (hmmm maybe I should learn a couple more and bring that up to 10). I've been thinking a bit about my webpage recently. I've blogged a lot over here, but will it continue? And I don't keep the template links up-to-date. I'm not reading Bill Bryson, and haven't been for weeks. But I would like to get it off blogspot and onto a site that I can coherently put together - photos, comments, wish lists, the like. The question I'm asking myself at the moment is, are 8 html tags enough to allow me to do this? Or will I, yet again, end up asking my husband to write a webpage, or help me write a webpage, or fix the problems on my webpage. Long suffering he is. Taken for granted he is not.

So what to do? I don't know yet. Maybe I'll take a leave out of thm's book and leap into frontpage!