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July 23, 2004 

Booyakasha (optional spelling!)

I'm having a good lunchtime today. I purchased a large block of "sharp" cheddar cheese, which tastes like medium plastic cheddar cheese, but is infinitely better than the slop I've had so far. I also bought a bread bun to put it in. I've managed to save some for tomorrow. I've missed cheese a lot while I've been out here, and I've been seriously craving it since the weekend.

I'm also reading the Life section of usa today. I don't normally bother - the fact that they never finish a story on the same page they start it tends to annoy me too much. But Ali G caught my eye, so here I am. It's a big article on ambush TV, pretty much coinciding with start of the second series (over here) of Da Ali G Show. I'd just like to give you some quotes from the article that made me laugh:

"... as the spoofing spreads to more serious newsmakers, the fallout is a growing trail of disgruntled guests. Some say the shows are politically motivated by liveral comedians aiming to trap conservaives; others threaten lawsuits on the grounds of fraud."
(from ABC newsman Sam Donaldson about Ali G)  "Maybe he's popular with 14-year-olds in Britain"
[Jim March of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms - snappy title there!]'s lawyer has sent a letter threatening legal action on the basis of fraud if the show airs.
It certainly seems to be causing a stir, and some mixed reactions. I noticed it more because yesterday I was talking about Sex and the City in the office and commented that I didn't find it laugh-out-loud funny. A colleague said that was because the British didn't have a sense of humour. I had to reply with, "funny, that's what we say about the Americans".

I'm not quite sure where I was going with that, so I'll give up now! Lunch is well and truly over.  I have a short tolerance for Ali G, so America's welcome to him.  If we can persuade whoever the guy with the neck brace is and the big Jakko mask to come over here too, so much the better.