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June 24, 2004 

Lucky girl that I am

There are times, as you may have noticed, when I find this country unnutterably weird. There are times when I really, really, wish I was at home. There are times when I wonder what I've let myself in for, and whether another six weeks might just drive me mad. However, there are also times when I realise I am a very lucky girl. Tonight was one of those times. After chats with both my mum and my husband (thank you Skype) I headed off to get some dinner. I had the best burger I've ever had (and it even came cooked to my specification, which is more than can be said for most steak houses in Britain), although in surroundings I didn't enjoy so much (a sports bar, table next to the pool table). When I walked out into the bright sunlight at 7:30 I just didn't want to go back to the hotel. I drove down to the beach, took my shoes and socks off, rolled up my trousers, and walked along the shore for half an hour. When my parking ran out I headed back to the hotel and went for a swim. By this time the moon was out, and I lay back and thought, I'm the luckiest girl in this pool! To be fair, I was the only girl in the pool, but that was just part of the goodness.

Now the pool's shut I'm back in my room, and it's time for some spring cleaning, communications first.

Have fun in Miami! luv Ange M
Take care, thribbler. You know they're fcuking nuts out there... - kaj (the other one - not you)
Thank you. Both of you. I am trying, on both counts!
It appears I'm very lucky. I shall give up any aspirations to journalism immediately, and thank my lucky stars that I appear to have encountered a lenient immigration officer. God Bless America!
EPCOT - Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow (if my memory of my visit over a decade ago now is correct).
I believe you may be correct. Whatever, it seems like a poncey title for what is essentially a few fake buildings and a pricey ice cream shop!
Stop! signs - I believe American driving regulations stipulate that one MUST stop at a STOP sign (just like the UK regulations do). The problem you describe arises because they haven't yet realised that they could introduce a 'Yield' or 'Give Way' concept and hence only use STOP signs.
You are, of course, correct. My failing is that I treat stop signs with high visibility like give way signs... which is one day going to come me a cropper, I can see.

In response to the comment about the contradiction between complaining about a waiter asking if I wanted change, and my lack of complaints about customer service, the first wasnt' a complaint about his service, for that was excellent. It was a complaint about the attitude towards tips here.

And so to the rest of the spring clean. I think I might sort out some of the code in this blog. Or I might just sort out some pictures I'd been meaning to look at. The possibilities are finite. Have a pleasant day!