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November 21, 2003 

Modern Day Dilemmas

Driving home today I was stuck in very slow moving traffic. I could just see the reason for this up in front of me - a hearse and two big black volvos following a few cars ahead. I suffered the normal issues - going slowly but can't complain out of respect for the dead. Sorry to all those of a sensitive nature, but I'm about to complain. If you don't like this, stop reading now.

All gone? Good.

When we reached the traffic lights the hearse and big volvos pulled into the outside lane and stopped at the front of the queue. The car in front of me, and myself, pulled into the inside lane. When the traffic lights went green, we set off. The car in front sped off into the night. I was then cut up by the hearse, and had to stop in the middle of the junction to let his two big volvo pals go by with him. If you're going to drive a hearse, Mr, at least get it in the correct lane. Don't cut up people in the 'straight on' lane by going straight on from the 'turn right' lane.

Confession. Today I swore at a hearse. But in my favour, it was at the driver, not specifically at the hearse.