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January 23, 2003 

Apparantly you all have ideas as to who else should be at the beardy ball.

My dear, you do realise that ZZ top couldn't all play at the 'Beardy Ball', as the drummer (one Frank Beard) doesn't sport any facial hair (as you will recall from watching Back to the Future Part III on Tuesday evening. However, may I recommend this chap who used to have a beard? --paj

Surely the eldest of the Casey clan should be attendance at any 'Beardy Ball' that is to be held... He is, afterall, famed for his beard. - JD

Rolf Harris! You can't get the beardies together with Rolf Harris! - kaj (the other one)
All duly accepted, thank you! I guess Santa Claus should come along too, with presents!

The water drinking seems to have taken off, but I'm sorry, the answer to this one is no!

Does water in the form of beer/wine count? mad xxx

Weight watchers is the current celebrity diet of choice in Hollywood apparantly, so you are in good company. Hollywood stars(?) who are using w/w include Alica Silverstone, Drew Barrymore and Kirstie Allie. Source - The Girl Shelby's copy of Now magazine
I wouldn't have thought that they needed to go, but I guess that's what Hollywood does to you.

Apparantly people are concerned about the state of my links.

When was the last time you read Wimble? He hasn't updated it in several aeons now.

You may want to update your Frandaze link. Your husband seems to have got it right.
He gets most things right. I, on the other hand, am usually wrong. Rest assured I'll update the links when I can be bothered!!

Phew. Glad that's over and done with!