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December 19, 2002 

The sorry tale of ugc cinemas continues. I went to pick up our pre-booked tickets on Monday. They are general seating. When I asked the nice lady why, on the first night of one of the largest films of the year, it was going to be a free for all, she said that it had been decided at head office. So despite paying full price (I didn't use our unlimited cards so that we could get seats with my parents) and booking well in advance, we still have to get to the cinema early to be sure of 4 seats together in a good place. If I wasn't so busy I'd write and complain. My only consolation is that at least UGC do salted popcorn. Last boxing day we went to see lotr at a different cinema, who looked at paj in a distinctly bemused way when he asked for salted popcorn.