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October 25, 2002 

I must change my imood too, but today I am cheerful 'cos I've just won a free packet of crisps! (Not bad considering I eat about 4 packets a day and this is the first blue bag i've found!)
Congratulations. You will find you don't get so many freebies around here. You have to work for it!

Actually, my company is taking part in some survey to find the 100 best companies to work for. Foolishly, they invited me to take part (< evil laugh > mwa ha ha ha ha < /evil laugh >).

But before I fill in the survey, I mustn't forget it's friday. Before dashing off for a weekend of dress fittings, bridesmaid dress shopping, mother-of-the-bride outfit shopping, 9-year old birthday celebrating and general merriment I want to know the answer to the burning question of the moment. What is the greatest act of love anyone has ever shown you? You don't have to tell me who did it, who you are, or when, or where (and rest assured I can't use IP addresses to work you out, coz I lost my list of who's who). Just tell me what it was.

To start the ball rolling, my wonderful boyfriend is currently trying to get his body clock in tune with mine. That is the loveliest, most caring, most fantastic thing anybody has ever done for me.