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October 17, 2002 

It's been a long time. First priority is to clear some of the comments. The email challenge sparks these:
Five: it's email, not e-mail!

Four problems? Let's see... (1) you're not called John; (2) missing apostrophe in sentence one; (3) "there" should be "their" in sentence two; (4) 'This is' should probably be 'These are' in sentence three; (5) 'Debenhams are' should probably be 'Debenhams is' in sentence two; (6) 'Further assistance' in sentence four implies that they have provided some assistance already, which does not appear to be the case.
Too many?
Apparantly Debenhams customer service emails are worse than I had originally thought! The one we got that nobody else did was the apostrophe's around the whole thing.
And the friday fives come flooding in...
  1. Today is Friday, which means that I don't have to come into the office for the next two days.
  2. I am going to a concert tomorrow evening.
  3. The hangover from last night's drinking has passed.
  4. I have great friends.
  5. I have no worries.
Reasons to be cheerful: I am James Casey
I am not Kirsty Rigg
I am not Peter Johns
I am not Steven Johns
I am not James Dane

1. Wife, 2. Bubba, 3. Mini, 4. Not being Uri Geller, 5. Knowing Thribble ;-) - JD

1. Husband *&* Baby, 2. Birthdays *&* parties, 3. Paul McCartney *&* Beatles (not the car), 4. Nearly finished job, 5. Beatles *&* Paul McCartney. - Anonydragon - it's like an anonyMouse, only bigger!!
Well, I think the fact that knowing me is a reason to be cheerful cancels out the fact that not being me is also a reason to be cheerful!

Finally, a link from my Mum. Go on, read a new blog today!