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June 09, 2016 

A Week of Firsts

I did my first Pilates class on Tuesday. Thanks to the instructor, Courtney, and to the class members for making it painless and not at all humiliating. Best of all, absolutely nobody was wearing Lycra! I felt great afterwards, no Achilles or calf pain, and just some "good" aches on Wednesday. I'll definitely be going back.
I've also had a week of missing running - I just haven't managed to coordinate my life properly and the week has got away from me. I have managed to do my long overdue tax return, have my hair cut, look after a vomity child, start packing the house up, meet a garden planner, and get to work mostly on time, so I guess I managed to adult!
Finally, I had my first significant near miss on the bike this morning. I managed to get my back wheel stuck in the tram tracks and ended up wobbling it out but taking me over to the other side of the road. Thankfully the oncoming car was far enough away and going slow enough that it didn't matter, but it certainly have me a fright. Probably the driver too!

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