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May 11, 2005 


Drive, fly, film, broken entertainment system, rest of film, land, bus, hotel, sleep. Drive, chat, dinner, theatre, sleep. Drive, wine, lunch, wine, chat, wine, pizza, sleep.

Pretty much sums up our first weekend in NY (state). I really enjoyed getting to know inw and C better (to be fair, as I'd spent about 3 hours in their company up until that point, it would be hard not to get to know them better!) Then it was off to the big apple itself. Which can be summed up thusly:

Walk, walk, big buildings, WTC site, walk, Brooklyn Bridge, walk, more big buildings, rain, beer, dinner, sleep. Tube, queue, Statue of Liberty, climb, walk, Ellis Island, walk, walk, steak, spam-a-lot, drink, sleep. Walk, shop, walk, shop, walk, shop, sleep. Walk, shop, fail to buy Apple stuff, walk, grockle, walk, United Nations, walk, dinner, sleep. Walk, big buildings, walk, meet cousin, dinner, beer, sleep. Walk, agony, Empire State Building, lift, walk, more pain, museum, walk, collapse in pain, tube, Ethiopian food, good Dutch rock music, awful American rock music (Honeychile, don't go there!), good American rock music, beer, big yellow cab, sleep. Walk, agony, walk, not too bad, Central Park, Strawberry Fields, world's largest hot dog, tube, more tube, airport, fly, sleep, drive, home, A&E, x-ray.

I've had the last couple of days off work because I can't walk. Which I blame on all that walking in NY. However, I have rediscovered the meaning of the word boredom, as until now it's been too painful to sit infront of the comoputer. Actually, still hurts a bit, and am going to go and lie down before paj comes home, so I don't get told off. Don't tell him, folks!

As ever, my wife's account of events is far better than my own.

Now put your feet up!

Last time I flew to the states, the entertainment system blew up and we had to fly back to be checked by technicians before flying again with it switched off. Marvelous fun.

Si J

Annoying. Particularly as Ray isn't a film I wanted broken up! Still, not as annoying I guess as it had been for those who hadn't had any entertainment for the whole journey.

We're going cheapy airlines (canadian affair) to Toronto in a month's time so assuming to virtually amuse oursleves on the 8.5 hour flight (I'm not planning to join that club before you comment) so digital music players at the ready! We've found we can use a palm charger (its dual voltage) with the appropriate plug bit slotted in to recharge them for the return leg/ during the trip.
Any entertainment system provided will be a bonus!

When I was looking at flight options for my next trip to Canada, I found a company called Labrador airlines.
Do you think they dispense "refreshing paper towels"*, or just come round and lick your face?


* Am I the only person to not find these refreshing at all. And a bit chewy.

Oh, and if you like Dim Sum, and are going to Toronto, I would recommend starving yourself for a couple of days and going to the Bright Pearl on Spadina (http://www.brightpearlseafood.com/). Saying that I totally stuffed my face is not necessarily a very exclusive recommendation (!), but it was very good indeed.

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