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April 15, 2005 

Double woo!

Following on from my previous post, I now have the car back, again. The stripes have been redone completely. When I turned up to pick the car up I spotted immediately that they still weren't straight at one small point. The guy said that he hadn't replaced the back because there was nothing wrong with them. I begged to differ. He offered to slice off the side which was "overhanging" the other stripes. I pointed out that the other side would still be "underhanging". He eventually succumbed to my charms/obnoxious customer attitude and redid the stripe.

It's also been into the body shop to have the bumper fixed and the washers repaired. They couldn't fix the speaker, so that still remains with BMW to sort out, but they did do a lovely white musk fragrance, so that was okay!

It's mine again. As soon as I can have the right hand speaker on without distortion you will find me racing about the Surrey/Sussex countryside, classic FM at full volume, windows down, happy as Larry.

If Larry likes classic FM, that is.