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April 10, 2005 


Regular readers will be surprised to hear that I have my car back. Well, to be fair, you'll be surprised I'm blogging, but there you go. Thought I should give you some good news.

However... nothing is easy, is it? In chronological order of them being noticed, here are the problems:

  • The car isn't clean. It has been cleaned, but then stood in the rain for a couple of days. It isn't even valeted on the inside. However, I'll overlook this as I want the car back in my possession after 9 weeks.
  • The stripes haven't all been replaced. The cigarette burns are still in evidence, and what's more, as the older ones are discoloured, it's very obvious work's been done. The striping guy is in Horsham, so it's easier for me to take the car and arrange a morning with him without going via BMW, so that's what I agree to do. At which point we notice that...
  • The stripes aren't even on straight. As we're looking at this we notice that...
  • The car has a scratch on the paintwork of the rear bumper as if it's been reversed into something. We agree that if the guy can polish it up properly we'll still take the car. He does.
  • We notice as I get into the car that the front dust caps are missing. I will return to pick some up as everyone has gone home now.
  • On my drive home I notice that the speaker in the drivers door is distorting. Getting mildly annoyed now.
  • Pete then notices a dent on the bumper which we missed earlier. Extremely annoyed now.
  • After calling the garage and listing the issues, we agree that I'll put them in writing to confirm. I do so.
  • On my way home I try to wash the front windows. The washer isn't working properly, as if the reservoir is empty. I fill it up the next morning and try again. No luck. Will add that to the list for the garage!
So I'm left with the situation that the stripes are to be done next Tuesday. I can't get through to the ever-elusive Adrian at Vines. And I am in proud possession of a letter from the Dealer Principal saying they will look into the matter. Next time I'll take my insurance company's advice and send it to one of their approved people. At least that way they'll do the arguing for me, and while they do it i'll get a courtesy car. So much for BMW service.