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April 27, 2005 


Finally, the election. I have refrained from saying anything about this. This is partially because I’m really struggling. I won’t vote for Laura Moffatt (labour) because she has never voted against el Blairo, and as an ex-nurse hasn’t even managed to get her act together to save our hospital. She smarms too much for my liking, and to cap it off voted for the war, and some of her excuses have to be heard to be believed… or not. But there starts my indecisiveness. The remaining choices are:

  • Conservative – after 28 years as a staunch lefty, I can’t quite bring myself to do this, even if it is seemingly the only chance to get rid of LM. Would a Tory be any better? I don’t think so.
  • LibDem – I’m pretty sure he’s a paper candidate and doesn’t really want to be elected. They have annoyed me this campaign with the TV broadcasts, lowering themselves almost to the Tory level at times. Plus, would I be wasting my vote and thereby letting LM in… so should I vote Tory?
  • BNP – right out.
  • UKIP – don’t be ridiculous
  • Justice – a local party with what appears to be a single policy of immigration. Nope.
  • Greens – could do, but really, their policies don’t stand up in a lot of places.

So there we have it. Undecided, and frankly terrified that I’ll put the cross in the wrong place. We haven’t had any door knockers, or any leaflets other than the BNP. I have received a letter from both the Tory and Labour candidates, and one from Tony Blair, but they were just rubbish, to be honest. Actually, I nearly replied to the Tory one, which was going on about trust, saying that I didn’t trust him either. I shall be watching Question Time tomorrow night and putting my cross down after that, posting the paper and not thinking about it. Until I spend the morning of the 6th desperately hunting for some UK news in the US papers.