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February 08, 2005 


After all the tribulations of last week, and paj's brakes packing up on Saturday morning, we hired a car to get to Bristol, and for me to use this week. I have just one thing to say about Corsas. They are awful. Or at least the Spearmint Rhino is (ha, take that, Google!). It's spearmint green and drives like a rhino. I can't get the seat far enough back to be comfy, and my right ankle is permanently sore. The engine sounds like a diesel, and is loud enough that I can't hear when the indicators don't cancel, which seems like every junction.

The only good thing is that it's costing very little to hire. I will never, ever, understand how people can drive them (sorry, bestman).

On a brief update on the mini, the police are still rubbish, and the car is still in the garage with no word from the insurance on when they can start work on it.