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June 29, 2004 

Unlimited Salad

After yesterday's failure to eat because of sunstroke I've spent today hungry. Somehow I never seem to catch up after days like that. I finally got round to investigating the place I drive past every morning, Einstein Bros, and had a sun dried tomato bagel with humus for lunch, and I can highly recommend them. Maybe I should have gone for something bigger, though, because come 7pm I was starving again. So off I went to the all-you-can-eat salad bar. It's a wonderful place, great value, and I feel like I'm being healthy enough to have chocolate frozen yoghurt for dessert!

I was watching Are You Being Served on what I believe is public broadcasting, Channel 2, and when it finished a voice-over cut in saying (you'd better believe this)

And now... the exciting Antiques Roadshow
Now I quite like the Antiques Roadshow. It goes well with muffins and tea on a Sunday evening. But that in itself should tell you that whatever it is, it is not exciting. so I've changed channel and I'm off to watch Bruce Almighty, a film that under any other circumstances you'd have to pay me to watch. However, they almost are, so I'm off to be annoyed by Jim Carrey. Have a good one.