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July 01, 2004 


So I finally got around to signing up for a gmail account, courtesy of blogger. I'm not going to give out the address though (I mean, how many email addresses for me do you guys need?!). The main reason for this is that I don't like it. You have to set up your own spam filters, and to be honest, I'm just too lazy. I also generally find that those kind of things don't work - there are just too many email addresses out there to block everything. I like the way hotmail only lets in emails from people I know, so for now I think I'll stick with that. The only reason I can think of at the moment to use my Gmail account is exactly the reason I used it this evening - to email work to myself, and back to the office when I'm done. And how often do I really want to be doing that?!

In American news, I tried shmear today. Despite the fact that its name reminds me of Red Dwarf (< kryton > Shmeeee. Shmeeee. Shmeee Heeeee. < /kryton >) I discovered that it's actually very nice. An American friend in England told me it was cream cheese, and she wasn't lying to me and winding up the English person. It is, indeed, cream cheese, and it comes in about 15 flavours. That, combined with the 20 flavours of bagels, could keep me going for a very long time.

One of the things I love about America is that everything comes on the side. As a veteran mayonnaise-and-all-things-slimy hater, this makes buying salads and sandwiches a lot easier. I haven't struggled for lunch once here, and I haven't repeated myself either. At home I'm limited to cheese, cheese and pickle, cheese and onion and brie and cranberry sandwiches. Ham sandwiches usually have mustard in, everything else has mayonnaise, and salads usually have some kind of icky slimy thing mixed in with them. I could get used to this.

By the way, in case you haven't found them, Key West photos are here. In fact, all photos will be there, under Miami, and unfortunately they sort alphabetically, so you'll just have to plough through them all every time I upload something new. Of course, you could just not bother. I don't care either way!