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November 25, 2003 

Well, I seem to have been pretty quiet this weekend. Let's clear the communications before I start on why!

Incidentalclinic, this record is available in the foyer!
Thanks for the info, I'll be heading out there right now. Oh, hang on, it's cold out there. I'll just sit here for a while...
I always thought to be "BT" meant to be "out of order", just like their "services"...
Never had a problem with BT, so can't comment. But I'm sure they'd do everything they could to keep you happy. Honest.
Mmm... Trebor Extra Strong Mints :-)
One from our food critic, there. Something more exciting next time, perhaps?
It's not *their* money I'm worried about ;-)
Ah, a final word from Bernie. I'm sure your money will be fine too!
In case you missed it: Gollum
I hadn't missed it. This is the funniest thing on the web at the moment. Go and check it out. Andy Serkis' MTV award acceptance speech. Probably not to be watched at work!