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February 11, 2002 

Thanks to wmp for organising a fantastic birthday bash on Saturday night. A good time was had by all. And thanks to paj for keeping me awake on the drive home. I was exhausted by a long afternoon wedding dress shopping. For obvious reasons, no more will be said on the subject, other than nothing is bought yet, but ideas have been formed. The weirdest thing is that the style I really wanted looks awful on me. The style that looks good makes me feel like a meringue. I have it on good authority I don't look like a meringue, but the fact remains, that's how I feel. It's very difficult to work out how I look as they only have one size of each dress, so if it's not your size then you end up spending the afternoon like I did - with people holding the back of your dress together while you stare in a mirror trying to work out how you'd look without your knickers on display.

Oh, and having been forced to try on a red velvet and gold satin dress, I think we can say that I will not be getting married in mustard.