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February 08, 2002 

Yuk! Yesterday I had my full share of bad things. I have lost the work mobile phone (and barred it and am awaiting a new one). I parked my car somewhere that is locked at sunset and forgot to rescue it before sunset. Finally, having gone to bed last night I felt an unpleasant sensation (which, for the sake of your meals staying in your gut I shan't attempt to describe) in my arm where the stitches had been removed. Further inspection revealed blood and a torn open wound. Hysterics (me) and heroic bandaging efforts (paj) ensued, followed by a trip to casualty and lots of patching up. Today I am not in work. I am hiding. If I stay in bed all day nothing bad can happen.

I should add that despite casualty being entirely empty, there was a sign up declaring a five and a half hour waiting time. We waited about 10 minutes.