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January 04, 2002 

Right. It's friday. I have my annual appraisal in 6 hours. What should I do? Check out your communications, of course.
"Hi - US Govnmt? Can you deliver the cash reward to a PO box?"
Ah, the caption competition. A likely winner there.
I am pleased to announce the return of Caseyworld.
Indeed, back once again to fill that hole in our lives, and I for one am very happy.
I'm not mad on automatics of any kind, but I can't imagine it's nice on a diesel engine... -JD
Does anyone else have an automatic? Mine seems to change gear at too high a rev count for my liking, leading to me sounding like I'm driving the batmobile down traffic calmed streets.
Is the silence of the lambs stored in teh freezer a quote from Friends? If so do I get a prize for spotting it? -JD
In Friends Joey stores the Shining, then Little Women, in the freezer, so only half a prize. How about I only knit one booty for Cyril? Finally...
WHERE ARE ALL THE FUN LINKS? Do you think I'm ENJOYING myself here? - Siegmund Lautenboomer Casey
Okay, okay, sorry. What with being ill, catching up on work and all I haven't had time. So, to keep you going until next week, when hopefully normal service will be resumed, try the autism test, from plurp. I got 9! For sheer comedy, check out the Dubious Acheivement Awards, 2001.
That's all folks! Have a good weekend.