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December 20, 2001 

I have yet to work out whether I'm enjoying this lady-of-leisure thing. I have done the housework I wanted to, but because I'm spending so much time in the flat I keep seeing more that I need to do. I've also found out that the condensation damp of last winter is back, which is not good. I've cleaned it up, but I suspect it will be back before long. Still, on the bright side, presents are wrapped (well, those that are bought, anyway) and I've had my hair cut in preparation for those dreaded family photos. All in all, I think I'm enjoying it.

The disadvantage of not being at work is that I don't pick up my work email. All the instant comments go there, so there won't be any replies to them for a while... unless I can be bothered to change it. Nah, didn't think so! I'm a lady of leisure (or Miss Whiplash to my delightful work mates).