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January 02, 2002 

So I'm on my last days leave, and the festive season is drawing to a close. What happened? Santa Claus continued his excellent record and visited homes around the world. One home in Nuneaton contained a small child who was lucky enough to recieve a guitar, a saxaphone and a xylophone. The sticks to said instrument lasted approximately 30 minutes. Christmas lunch was excellent - in fact, I'm still full. On boxing day we went up to see my parents and my sister, leading to a family trip to see lotr, the most eagerly awaited film this year (well, by me, anyway). Excellent. Wonderful. Fantastic. Stupendous. Erm, I enjoyed it.

After family things had been completed, with much merriment (still full), we headed off to Edinburgh. We ice skated in Princes Street Gardens, toured round the underground old town and, erm, had a few beers and a curry. Still full, we also watched Serendipity - not bad (in the warmth, no compulsion to eat!).

And so, having enjoyed Hogmanay to the full (thanks to the Scottish Contingent for the tour, the beer and the weird contact lens experience), a 9 hour drive back home ensued... And today I was put on antibiotics for an ear infection, so that's the end of my drinking for a while. All good things must come to an end.