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December 14, 2001 

Okay, communications time. First up, an anonymous alien who we suspect to be paj writes
All your blog are belong to us!
Nice to know. The younger brother has more to say.
Re: BBC Sports Personality post - Obviously not! [ed - aah. agreement. excellent.]

It doesn't apply to us anymore it says young drinkers! It only applys [sic] to the 12 year olds who somehow manage to get into nightclubs to annoy us law abiding citizens.
Excellent. I can drink again. Coventry better watch out on Saturday.
this is a better link. [ed - no comment, haven't found time to try it yet. but thanks!]
A long one from jmac on an earlier post today
The House of Lords is actually a very useful second chamber, or at least is for the moment until the Government further enfeebles it and turns it into a copy of the Commons - which means that its members will be motivated by career and public image rather than the good of the country. - Jacob von Jim
Now I don't mind stating that I voted for the government in question. And won't be again - the control freaks that run this country are really worrying me. President Blair and his senate can't be far away.
Of course many jars are filled when the contents is still hot. When it cools is [sic] shrinks pulling the lid down even more... Fixed torque closure wouldn't really help.
Who would have thought jam could be that exciting? Finally, on to the caption...
Nokia connecting people?
Can I have a taxi please?
Both from spj, of course. Very good.

Oh, and a p.s. to JD: stop twitching and get blogging.