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December 17, 2001 

Those of you thinking "Cor, it's quiet round here" would be right. On Friday night on my way home from Andover someone crashed into the back of my car. The aforementioned car is now in the garage waiting to be fixed, and because it's a company car it was no hassle to get a hire car to replace it. The only hassle was paj's car was also in the shop, so we ended up waiting an hour for the hire car to arrive at the garage. Then driving to said hire car shop to sort out the paperwork and on to casualty. For two hours. On a Friday night. When we eventually left at 2030 I was the proud owner of a soft collar and a bottle of large painkillers. However, I did leave before they'd finished with me, I think, because I got bored waiting for them to come back and talk to me after giving me the collar.

Other than that, I'm fine. However, I can't drive. Which means it looks like after today I'll be off on the sick, because my job is 80% driving. On the downside(?), the blog may be quieter until after Christmas. On the upside, I get an extra long holiday *smirk*.