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December 29, 2006 

Out by an Innings!

We went to the cricket yesterday.

Now you've all picked yourself up off the floor and stopped laughing, I'd like to share some of my amateur observations:

1. The lower order batsmen are much better to watch than the top order batsmen.
2. Our wicket keeper was the 2nd best batter we had.
3. Panesar got two 4s - two more than most of the top end batsmen
4. Australian insults are the best in the world.
5. The barmy army aren't that barmy.
6. England can't run - can't run to make a catch, can't run to get an extra run (particularly the top order batsmen!)
7. The MCG only sells light beer at the cricket incase we get roudy. I needed whisky. 8. "Extra" scored more than most of the batsmen.
I can't complain - it was a nice day, the sun came out, we had front row seats, the security guards kept us entertained by popping up from their hiding places at the end of every over towards the end of the day (maybe they were as bored as us) and generally it was worth $51 for a day out. Photographic evidence is on flickr. Just don't mention the actual cricket...