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October 30, 2006 

I don't blog much, do I?!

I've just realised it's halloween. In the UK that would have been impossible - for weeks I'd have been walking through aisles full of plastic pumpkins, witches hats with green hair attached, bin bag capes and happy halloween cards. Here, I've managed to get to 9:34 pm without realising what day it is. (Well, I knew it was Monday, don't think I'm completely stupid!) It's a nice feeling.

Completely counteracted by the huuuuuuge fake Christmas tree they've put up in town. Some day I'll take my camera up and show you the true monstrosity that it is. But at least they waited until after my birthday.

Is the tree a Big Thing? Or is there competition for the biggest one?

If it was halloween, wasn't it Tuesday?
In which case, I guess you must be .... old ;-)

Damn you for noticing my mistake!

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