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May 02, 2003 

So here I am, at home, on leave. What am I doing with my day off? Well, so far, I have moved the rest of the kitchen cupboards into the back garden. I've watched a guy sort out our gas connection and relight the boiler. I've washed my hands in hot water, from the tap no less. I've removed all the double sided sticky tape from the floorboards in our front room, previously used to hold down the carpet. I've helped lift carpets and floorboards in every single upstairs room except for the one I'm currently sat in. I've watched some of the cast commentary on the LOTR extended disk while having a cup of tea. Now I'm contemplating eating some lunch while an electrician/samba player does interesting things with cables under our floorboards.

Relaxing holiday madam? No, thank you, not this time.