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May 13, 2003 

I've been so lax in updating this that I'm just going to dive straight into your communications.

3 out 0f 8 on the mutants, 15 out of 15 on the Beatles - Jim
Hmmm. Definitely a Beatles fan then.
Reason (1) is a bit of a cop out, Mrs Johns. (Says the pot to the deep-tan kettle).
Ah, referring to my non-vote then. Sorry. Still, I wasn't alone. Turn out was under 30% (better than my previous location, where it was only 13%!)
could you pls takes pics of new kitchen & send? ange
How was your week off work? Hope you're feeling suitably refreshed! love mad xxx
Well, yes, when it's finished, pictures will be available. However, the plastering is still to be done, so the tiling's not finished, and the painting's not finished, so the shelves aren't up yet... Still, nearly there. And no, not refreshed. I still can't get my head round working. I also seem to have to eat all the time. I suspect that I may be bored at work, after the activity of the last week. Still, it was worth it.

And finally...

Jay-Jay Okocha - so good they named him twice ;-)