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May 02, 2003 

Congratulations to my Mum, who yesterday romped home in the polls (isn't that what they say?) along with John Fletcher to be Cllr Mrs Rigg (look under Egglescliffe). An astounding majority. For the sharper eyed amongst you, the Elm Tree ward below, Mrs Suzanne Fletcher is indeed John's wife. Those of you at our wedding last year may remember them as a bloke with a beard (not this one) and a woman with a hat. What? That's not distinguishing enough for you? Okay, well check this site out then.

While we're on the subject of elections, I have a confession to make. I didn't vote last night. I was struck by an amazing degree of apathy for leaving my house and getting to the polling station. I am well aware that this makes me ineligible to complain about anything that happens in Crawley, but here's my reasoning.
1. Only one person bothered to stick something through our door. If you don't care enough about us to get our vote, I don't care enough about you to give it to you.
2. The overwhelming labour majority in our ward made it nigh on pointless voting for anybody. (not an argument I would usually use or believe in, but this time it worked for me!)
3. Finally, it was raining.

Okay, none of them great reasons. The best I could think of doing was crossing the labour guys and then defacing my card with anti-war slogans. However, as previously stated, it was raining. We had a kitchen to trash. I admit it. I'm apathetic. Come on you politicians... inspire me.