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October 09, 2002 

Thanks for your communications this week. First up
More wine? Would you call yourself a dipsomaniac? And if not, why not? And wasn't a dipsomaniac a type of dinosaur? - Jakob Von Jim
Having looked up dipsomaniac, I think that sometimes, yes, I am one. Although not a dinosaur.
I agree with your comments about the t-shirts, perhaps your warning should have been extended to Our Ma?
Probably. Shall we just say parents generally?
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Thribble,
Happy Birthday to you!
Thank you! And thank you for your presents everyone. Although I think the nicest thing was that my ickle sister-to-be had written my card all by herself! And that's all for now. Having bought cakes for everyone in the office, I'm off to get my share of them!