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March 07, 2002 

When we were in Dublin a couple of weeks ago we noticed the posters on the lampposts (and every available bit of space) about the abortion referendum. I was confused. The posters seemed to be vote yes to not allow abortion and vice versa. Thanks to Auntie for pointing out the error of my ways. I should not be a little confused, I should really be a lot confused. If you want to read the text of what's being voted on you can find it here. Although if this paragraph is anything to go by, you'll give up pretty quickly:
The provisions of section 2 of Article 46 and sections 1, 3 and 4 of Article 47 of this Constitution shall apply to any Bill passed or deemed to have been passed by both Houses of the Oireachtas containing a proposal to amend the Protection of Human Life in Pregnancy Act, 2002, as they apply to a Bill containing a proposal or proposals for the amendment of this Constitution and any such Bill shall be signed by the President forthwith upon his being satisfied that the Bill has been duly approved by the people in accordance with the provisions of section 1 of Article 47 of this Constitution and shall be duly promulgated by the President as a law.
Anyway, check out the opposing arguments (some of them) here and here if you're interested.

Incase you're wondering, I come down on the side of pro-choice. I don't think I could have an abortion myself, but I don't know. I've never been there. I've supported friends through them because that was their choice, and in that case, friendship is more important than preaching.