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December 07, 2001 

Right. Due to my laxness in noting communications, time for another blitz.
aM i jAmEs cAsEy oR dOeS yOuR bLoG LaCk a LiNk tO yOuR wEbSiTe? - Schnitzel Magnolia Grumblenudgen Den Haag Casey
You may well be, and it did. It doesn't anymore. Look right and down. And, Vlootbop 'most regular communicator' Casey, I am aiming not to be a fat knacker. Unlike Cyril. Fianlly, from Mr Casey anyway,
Re. not wanting to see others of the so-called 100 Greatest Films. If, like myself, you consider the medium to be an artistic one, then it really comes down to how interested you are in the art form. I mean, if you don't rush out to view the top paintings, sculptures, operas, tapestries etc, why do so for film? Most of the best films aren't the most entertaining. - Earl Casey of Penge
Good point. I'm not going to argue. I'm certainly not going to look at tapestries.
On the same subject,
I haven't determined which of the toop 100 films I've seen yet... I guess I could have a look... - JD
Might be an idea. And far be it from me to stunt your education - of course you can borrow The Bush Dyslexicon when I'm finished. Could be a while...