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November 15, 2001 

So for those of you who can't live without seeing your name in lights, I give you edited highlights from the communication portal.
First up, JD and SJ both refer to this entry, saying that I should blog more for my loyal readers. Well, one does one's best! I should also note that JD has followed my trend and ditched reblogger. Well done that man.

A reader who is likely to be paj refers to this entry, saying
I'm sure you'll find that you have been paj's number one for quite some time now!
Always nice to know ;-) And in answer to your other query, the reason there is no thankyou page on the portal, is because that would involve linking to another website, and I just can't be bothered.

Finally, jmac queries...
nonononononono, Kirst-o, you've got to tell us EXACTLY how much you weigh. Your non-paying public wants ounces. I think you can stop short of measurements, though - that might constitute an obscene publication. I'll have to look into the legal ramifications of that.
It's on a need to know basis. If I told you I'd have to kill you. Lets just say, more than Kylie and less than Geoff Capes.

That's all folks...