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September 04, 2004 

First up in my inbox comes this, related to my complaints about radio stations:

Try Planet Rock available on the net, DAB radio, analogue satellite tv, probably SkyDigital, but not freeview (yet - rumours abound). There's also a new Virgin classic rock station on DAB at least, and I think some other classic rock station on SkyDigital. Playlist does get a bit repetitive if you listen to it a lot, but it's great for dipping in and out of, or whiling away hours in hotel rooms.
Which is all very well, but doesn't help in my non-digital car. Thanks anyway!
ps Planet rock was me. Bernie
I guessed!!
Know the North American mis-pronanciation of names well, I usualy end up being called Carolyn as they don't comprehend the name Caroline as existing. Hence now I go with Caz for Guidey events likely to be populated by North Amercians. Caz
I miss being called Crystal sometimes. It could liven up an otherwise very dull day around the office in the UK.
Don't worry; you're only the age you never wanted to be for a year. Tom
A man speaking from experience there, methinks.

Well that's all folks. Keep 'em coming. Of course hitting send is no guarantee of publication, but I'll do what I can!