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September 03, 2004 


Since I came back from the US about 4 weeks ago I have done approximately 3 days work. And that's a generous figure. It's not that I don't want to work, you understand, it's just that I don't have any to do. To say my new job isn't the best is an understatement. However, despite the internet ban, I have unilaterally decided that the bbc website is acceptable surfing. To this end, I bring you the following links, for no other reason than they are what kept me going today:

Metric Stuff, which made me think how much it had struck me during my time in the US how inconsistent we are over here. It took me a while to work out what was confusing me while I was driving, until I realised that the countdown signs to roadworks were in feet (1000ft, 800ft etc), not meters (or even metres).

Bigger Britain, but apparantly I'm still not going to be able to get trousers long enough.

Want one.

Want to be one. A spotter, not a juniper.

And lastly, I'm mostly glad, but a little bit sad, that I'm not still in Florida, as it prepares for the next hurricane. I read some of the American sites today, worked out where the evacuation was. I would have been okay in my hotel, and my friends in their flat in Hollywood also, but anything past about 300 yards east of us is being evacuated west. I keep my fingers crossed and for those that won't be offended by them, my prayers going, that everything passes uneventfully. I can't help but wish, a little bit, that I was there with them though.