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January 30, 2002 

Okay. So Bush says that the war on terror must continue. Basically, they haven't found Osama, or anyone important, just lots of "killers" (who, incidentally, they can release pictures of in order to cover up the fact that they haven't found Osama etc.). And now they are going to increase military spending so they can bomb some other innocent people. At least 3,767 civilians were killed by US bombs between October 7th and December 10th, an even higher figure than the 3,234 thought to have been killed in the attacks on September 11th. Oh, and once they've bombed the hell out of them (or should I say we, Mr. Blair?) everybody gets to pay more to fix the country up the way America's idea of democracy works. All of which strikes me as hypocritical from a man who only won the elections because of some extremely dodgy recounts.

Rant over. For now.