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January 21, 2002 

I went to my first rehearsal on Friday night. It was hard - 3 hours of solid playing when I haven't really been playing for 3 minutes regularly for the last few years - but satisfying. Afterwards one of the violinists who I hadn't met took the trouble to come over and tell me where the pub was that they go to afterwards and check that I would come. So all in all, it was a good night, and I'll be going back next week. Hopefully, that little bit more capable of playing the music.

Saturday involved a trip to Jongleurs at Battersea for a fantastic night of comedy. Except the second act. Who wasn't funny. Unless you're everybody in the room other than me, who thought that he was.

Due to being slightly under the weather (nothing at all to do with Saturday night, honest!) on Sunday we watched a couple of DVDs - Shrek (which was good, but not as good as I'd been led to believe) and Baseketball, which I watched on and off. Out of the two, I'd recommend Shrek, if only because it has some great movie rip-offs, a la Chicken Run, but Baseketball is original through and through, even if it's not quite my sense of humour.