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January 18, 2002 

What else to do on a Friday morning but relay your communications to the world?
The only trouble with a pie throwing contest is finding enough pies to actually throw. Given the competition I would suggest a pie eating contest!! - JD
I would have to say that I would have thought the problem would lie in finding enough pies for you to actually eat!
Claire's ony wish for the wedding car was a Rolls Royce. Didn't care about colour, age, driver, or anything else. it just *had* to be a Roller... - JD
Specifying the driver is a new thought. Can I have Lurch please?
hat bits are to be chopped off your arms?! Your hands?!?! You can't just say bits.... It leaves the reader's imagination running wild!! - JD
A blue nevus they think. I am not looking forward to the op, as it will be done under local anaesthetic, so I can see everything that goes on. Yuk.