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December 04, 2001 

A communication this afternoon reminded me that I havent' been keeping you up to date on the portal goings-on. So here goes (ignoring the totally out of date ones)... Starting, of course, with JD:
I clearly remember my mother having tupperware parties in the 80s... And by way of a solution to the shivering may I suggest going for a jog to get the blood pumping?? :-) - JD
Going back to an earlier comment, I think the 'Communication Portal' works well in the way it redirects back to the blog - saves me having to hit a back button... - JD
I'll join you next time you go jogging... I'm not holding my breath ;-) And I'm glad you're coming round to the methods of a non-programmer when it comes to blogs! Next up, a reader who can only be one of two people writes
Nice website Sis (in-law-to-be)
Thanks! And thanks also for your supportive words about the dreaded family photos.
Almost the last one, from our most frequent commentor (again)
Re: the Turkey pic; "One Turkey falls for another"? - JD
Nice. And finally, the communication which set this afternoon's posting off...
On reflection, you probably have the best 'links' blog I know of (blogs consisting of two aspects - links for people to look at, and info on the writer's activities and thoughts). - Voltaire Von Ormsgrod Lifeheiber Los Casey
I thank you. And I will try not to fall off the podium.