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December 03, 2001 

A really good weekend. Friday night saw paj and me head off to Croydon for Mexican (a first for me) followed by Harry Potter. Despite being 150 minutes long, I didn't notice and really enjoyed every one of those minutes. As an added bonus we got the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trailers, which I was almost more excited about.

Saturday saw our merry band heading off to the old favourite, the Dickens Inn, for a 3 hour lunch followed by a 6 hour drinking session. Surprisingly, we made it back with no problems and managed to do a whole load of Christmas shopping on Sunday. Now Christmas shopping in America has been mentioned by inw and Tom, most of which applies to the UK too. I just want to add that shops here should invent customer service desks. Twice yesterday we waited while all available cashiers were dealing with returns, or searches, or just general stupidity, and didn't seem to be able to say "B*gger off, we've got people who want to pay for things here". Ah well, I'm all bought out. Just t'other half to go... Any suggestions gratefully recieved ;-)