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November 20, 2001 

Another weekend over. Although I always enjoy going home to see my parents, travelling 4 hours each way (if I'm lucky) for 23 hours at home is not easy. I went home for a friend's engagement party, and while everyone was glad to see me and I saw some people I haven't seen for literally years, I did feel that it was a bit of a wasted trip. I know it wasn't really (and both my Gran's were very pleased to see both myself and paj), it just feels like it.

Most of the conversation this weekend revolved around our long-distant yet still upcoming wedding. We had a look at a reception hall (and booked it) and had many discussions on food, timing, photographs, flowers and all the other things I had hoped to avoid after getting my sister's wedding out of the way! Still, Yarm seems to be working out nicely as a venue. Watch this space for news on the wedding bus!