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February 04, 2002 

Another weekend over. Friday night saw me driving from Andover, to Crawley, to Ashtead, and then into Croydon for some merriment. I hate driving inside the M25, but that trip, down hitherto unknown roads, inspired me. I drove into Croydon again on Saturday to visit the (now famous) baby A (which sounds far too much like an exhibit in a murder investigation to me!). paj and I also managed to buy lots of spices and other balti-making equipment, and spent Saturday night trashing the kitchen in a quest for chicken pasanda, bombay potatoes, pilau rice and naan bread. Nice.

For the Irish inhabitant of thribble towers, the weekend was rounded off nicely with theIreland - Wales game. Personally, I was happy with this result.

We also managed to squeeze in This Year's Love and The Wicker Man. One great, one not so great.