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January 24, 2002 

Communications are again building up, so I apologise for the plethora of postings today...
Lurch, great choice. Ever read any of the original Addams family cartoons - great, black comedy stuff. Like Uncle Fester waving a car on past him when round the corner is coming a juggernaut... Osvaldo Jerez de Santiago Casey
No, I haven't read them, but they sound fantastic. Next time I see any I shall pick them up. Not just off the street, you understand, in Andromeda.
Could do with a whipround like that myself... Cyril is expensive!!
Well you've nobody to blame but yourself! Next up, politics...
It annoys me to thinnk the Government can use tax payers money on wars to destro countries, then spend more of our money to rebuild the country they demolished. Send in a few **** hot SAS/Special forces companies and do the job with minimum destruction or raze the place to the ground and be done with it!
I agree with the first, but instead of razing things, is it a bad thing to want to not kill anyone in the first place? I know I'm in the minority here, so I'll shut up.
Re: That's me! You jammy sod! SJ
I know. Although I don't drive like that anymore. In fact, you'd probably catch me out for being too slow now! Finally, winning his second prize for observation,
Where's the wierd site of the day gone? - JD
It went about a week ago when I decided it was making my right hand bar too wide. Should there be a large (larger than one, anyway) outcry I'll reinstate it.