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January 14, 2002 

Monday morning communication time.
You have indeed been writing lots :-) thm
I have indeed, adding another reader to my ever-growing list :-) And, apparantly, a communicator too.
Your correction duly noted on the blog -thm
Darn, thought I'd gotten away with that one!
I am not a geek, but I feel I am qualified to answer your question on PHP and its relative difficuty to learn with respect to HTML. It's a bugger. Unless you already know C or C++. simple things are OK, but I haven't found it all that easy. - JD

PHP is as easy to learn as HTML. This is a good place to look at some code. Of course some knowledge of prgramming is helpful, as is having a fiance who's educated in such matters!
Hmmm. Conflicts of opinions in the communication here. I propose a pie throwing competition, and whoever wins I'll believe.
Discombobulated? Sounds painful, I'd go to the doctor about that if I were you.
It's a great word, isn't it. I was getting bored with 'ill' and 'sick' and 'tired'.

Last, but not least, gaekwad is back. Enjoy.